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Professional Development Trainings

Six years' teaching experience with young and adult students, three years working with college student leaders, and three years of facilitating professional development sessions – I believe our personal and professional growth requires an understanding of best practices research, but also of those qualities that make us human. My training sessions always try to balance those concepts and are informed by the work of

Christopher Emdin, Torie Weiston-Serdan, Jennifer Bloom, Bettina Love, Linda Christensen, and others.


Happy to work with you to build new sessions based on the needs of your organization.

For Everyone

Storytelling for

Systemic Change

Explores three levels of human storytelling – personal stories, social metanarratives, and communal stories – and techniques for moving beyond words into action

Creative Arts toward Intrapersonal Discovery

Personal and professional growth start with knowing oneself – this session utilizes literary and visual art as well as music to develop a better sense of self

ALUO for New Professionals and Career Changers

Strategic planning of the self – understanding the trends and themes of our past can help us chart a new path for our future

For Mentors & Educators

Sparking Growth in

Young People

Connecting with students' passions is often considered a nice touch in classroom planning and curriculum – but research shows it's actually a necessary tool for maximizing student success. So how do we do it?

Understanding Gender: Reflecting on Trans* Experiences

Developing a deeper sense of what gender is and how it works by reflecting on one's own gender and how we might reinforce gender norms and stereotypes with students

Establishing a Gender-Inclusive Framework for Schools

Explore how tangible actions and policy change can contribute to educational spaces that welcome and affirm LGBTQ+ students

Examining the Intersections of Gender, Sexuality, & Race

Representation of queer and trans* people and people of color in the media doesn't reflect the nuance and cultural richness of these communities – how can we support some of our most vulnerable students?

Policing Gender: Combating Gender Exclusion in the Classroom

Examining how to recognize and combat gender-based bullying in your classroom or school building (which research shows can be especially difficult) through classroom management and curriculum

Handling Difficult Discussions with Students and Families

Learn empathetic listening and affirming language that can be used to create spaces where students of all identities can be accepted while also inviting families to take part in your gender-inclusive school community

Rates on Request

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